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كيت حرفه اى كمپانى SWORKZ 
مدل S35-GT 1/8

S35-GT Kit Features:

  •  S35-GT series Nitro on-road GT Car T-7075 Aluminum Lightened Main Chassis with L.F.C system (Lower Friction Coefficient)
  • S35-GT Series Front and Rear Pro Shock Towers made of Lightened T-7075 Aluminum for GT-BBS shocks system.
  • S35 Series BBS Emulsion Shock Caps.
  • S35-3 Series Lightened Transmission Gear Box System with High Performance Crown Gears and Pinion Gears.
  • Front and Rear Universal Drive Shafts with Special Lightened 6mm Axle Wheel Hub system.
  • S35-3 Series Aluminum Rear Lower Fully Adjustable Toe-In Block (A).
  • S35-3 Series Competition Aluminum Steering Knuckle Plates.
  • S35-GT new center 2 speed on-road transmission system.
  • S35-GT/GTE On Road Bumper and rear body poster system.
  • Heavy Duty Front and Rear Arms .
  • Professional 2.0 Metal Brake Calippers.
  • New 150cc Floating Fuel Filter System Tank.
  • Adjustable Front Upper and Lower Suspension Arm System.
  • S35-3 Series Pro-composite Carbon Front Upper Arm Covers

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